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A.T.S Automated Trading Systems

A.T.S. Automated Trading Systems a.s. was founded in 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic by an international group of experienced traders, computer scientists and mathematicians in order to develop and implement electronic automated trading systems for private and institutional investors as well as asset managers.

The development of the A.T.S Trading software goes back to the year 2004, when the original idea was born. After seven years of testing and development it reached its market maturity in 2011.

Since then the software has been working successfully in the forex market and was step by step further optimized for the end user.

The architecture of these new systems is fundamentally different from the mass of signal-oriented providers in the market which mostly use technical indicators to predict future market developments.

Our unique combination of mathematical algorithms based on stochastic rules which have its origin in the chaos theory together with human market experience are much more profitable and reliable than the popular widespread technical indicators or signals.

Our slogan is: “Back to the roots!” We know that we cannot predict precisely market developments, but we can try to estimate the probability of future market movements within restricted intervals. Market is much too complex and chaotic, that any technical analysis could predict developments reliably. For this special reason our success factor is the use of elementary stochastic rules in a chaotic system – which especially the foreign currency market is.

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